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Do you have something fantastic to offer families? Then let's let them know about you! Read below to get started! 

$175 per business. We do have a limited amount of reduced priced spots reserved. Priority will go to non profits and are based upon availability. So please ask!

You get...
A designated area the day of the event from 2:30pm-4:00pm as a chance to meet face to face with prospective customers or clients and offer any marketing materials. 

Social Media + Email... 
We will share this event, which will include your business name and contact information, on instagram (close to 1k followers) Facebook (close to 1k followers) and to our email subscribers (400+ subscribers). 

Between May 1st and June 1st we will distribute flyers to guests who visit the Play + Learn as in invitation to the event which will include your business information. 

Once payment is received...
Your business information will be added to our attendee list on our website where we get up to 90 unique visitors a day. This information will remain on our website until November 1st 2024. 

Venders will be provided a table, table cloth and allowed access as early as 2pm to set up the day of the event.

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Registration for businesses began on April 11th and we are adding more daily to this list so be sure to check back for again!

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