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Birthday Parties, Play Dates & Events

Would you like to host a playdate, birthday party or celebration? We offer group discounts for your guests and private access to our "Party Room" for food and beverages. Oh and we'll do the clean up! 

Admission Cost  

You'll receive 50% off regular admission for each guest (20 guest minimum). Your guests will have access to the Play & Learn the entire day. Would you also like to have private access to our Party Room for your guests to? See below! 

Party Room Cost   

Would you also like private access for you and your guests to our Party Room? This room is designed for you and your guests to have a private place to enjoy all the party essentials (cake, pizza, etc). The $100 fee includes access to the private room for 1.5 hours (includes set up and use of room). We'll do the clean up! 

Kids in Preschool
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