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School History 

Little Milestones is a family owned and operated childcare center. We have been providing quality childcare and education since 2010. Ginny Hufnagel, Alissa Saarmann and Ashley Gorton are a mother and daughter team that collectively have set lofty standards of professionalism, thoughtfulness and attentiveness that each family deserves. 


Please note that our Preschool and Childcare is completely separate from the Play and Learn Center (which is for the public). The access points between the two facilities remain locked at all times. Students within our Preschool and Childcare program do have field trip opportunities to visit the P&L (but consent must be signed by the parent/guardian in advance). 


Preschool & Childcare Curriculum

To implement our curriculum we incorporate a beneficial blend of academics, play based learning, and nature based learning to focus on the child as a whole. We feel that children thrive in a structured environment where they can feel comfort in knowing what is expected of them and where the routine of the day will transition them. With equal parts love, nurturing, guidance, structure, nature, academics and play, our goal is to provide each child with an environment that engages them and encourages them to care for others, grow to their potential, learn about the world around them and play as much as they can! 


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