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Do you need a membership to visit?

No, we offer daily admission, passes and membership options.

Do adults pay too?

Yes, all people over the age of 6 months pay. We have an occupancy to adhere to and every person accounts into that maximum, whether they are playing or not.  


Do we need to register in advance?

No, register is not required for any of our events. Classes such as karate and soccer do require registration. 


Are the events held an additional fee?

No, events that occur during regular business hours are included with your membership or daily admission. 


Are you open to the public?

Yes, our Play + Learn is open to the public. Our school (preschool + childcare) is on the same property but completely separate from the Play + Learn. The public CANNOT access the school. 


What are your hours?

We are open seven days a week from 10am-3pm. 


Does a members need to be a household or family?

No, many of our members hold a membership with a group of friends. Pricing is for 5 people, but you can have up to 7 on a membership (for an additional fee). 


Are there any black out dates for membership?

No, you can use your membership any day that we are open. 


Do you offer any discounts?

We offer various discounts throughout the year. Please visit the deals and savings page on the website and have your email added to our email distribution so you don’t miss any deals! 


If we pay for admission in the morning, can we leave and come back?

Absolutely! Your admission is for the entire day. 


Do you have bathrooms and changing tables?

We do! We have four unisex bathroom stalls and one changing table. Unisex stalls allow for any person to help with diaper changes! 


Can we bring food or beverages inside?

We are sorry but we do not allow food or beverages inside the facility. We do this to keep our products in good condition and also out of consideration for children with food allergies. If you rent our Party Room, food IS allowed in the party room. 


Do you do rentals or birthday parties?

We do! We offer various options, and all a la carte to meet all needs and budgets. All parties are held privately so your party guests and the Play + Learn visitors can enjoy their time separately. 

Do you consider your products safe for children?

We do! Not only do we think our products look nice, but they also have some quality standards. Most of the toys purchased meet Greenguard, Greenguard Gold or OEKO Tex certifications for air quality. We proudly purchase products from companies like B. Toys, Tender Leaf, Hape, Ikea, ECR4Kids. Other details about that : our flooring is greenguard certified, our wall paint is NO Voc paint and our wall sound panels are greenguard gold certified. The air our guests and staff breath is important to us!


What visitors are saying [about the Play + Learn]

"My two year old son hasn't stopped asking to come back for Ms. Alissa's Circle"

"I'm so neurotic about things being clean and I can see how clean the space is"

"We vacation in Mashpee and this is perfect when it's too hot outside for our toddler"

"Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We can't wait to return"

"I love the open space concept and that I can see my child from every angle.

"This is the perfect play space for my one year old. We want to socialize more"

"We vacation on the Cape through the summer and are so glad to have a play space for rainy days"

"You have so many events for young children and families. So glad we found you"

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805 Teaticket Highway Falmouth, Ma 02536
Call 508-388-7802
Text 508-504-5580

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