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Experiences not toys [the gift giver grapple]

Picture this. You show up to your daughter's home, excited to give your grandchildren a toy catalogue so they can help you pick out their holiday gifts. You thought you'd be welcomed with this idea from your daughter, but instead you're getting disapproving glares. Uh oh. Let us help you break it down.

We are parents ourselves so we get it from the parent/caregiver prospective. We then took the time to speak to some grandparents to see how this all feels to them. Long story straight (that's an inside joke between me and my 6 year old. It's adorable because he doesn't know it's "long story short" and I have yet to correct him because it's adorable) the grandparents don't understand why you don't want THINGS and they want to see the instant gratification of their grandchildren opening a gift etc etc etc. Some of these grandparents may or may not have added some additional grievances, but they don't pertain to gift giving so we'll save that for another article.

I have suggestions to both parents/caregivers and grandparents/gift givers.

Parents/Caregivers, if you are asking for an experience, be certain to include the gift giver on updates. Say they get you a membership to the Play + Learn (hint, hint), take a picture of your child playing there, bonus a video of them saying "thanks Grandma, I'm having so much fun". Remind the child why you there each time. "We had so much fun today, that was nice Grandma get you that membership".

Grandparents/Gift Givers you don't have to go cold turkey on this. In my personal experience with children, and especially on a holiday or celebration like Christmas or a birthday, the novelty of each item quickly wears off. The excitement is from opening a gift or two and then it's just a little bit of "going through the motions". So still get a gift and couple it with some experience items. THEY still get to open something, YOU still get to see their pleasure, THEY still have something valuable to use AFTER the excitement of the toy in hand wears off.

There are TONS of options, but we are VERY bias and suggesting a membership, passes or gift cards to the Play + Learn!

Added note. It's always important to keep in mind what the holidays, birthdays and celebrations are truly about. If you or someone you know is not in a financial position to give this holiday season, or any celebration during the year, our owners are happy to help. Kindly message us to to let us know who is in need.


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