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the Play + Learn Savings | a guide to snag huge savings or even some free visits

Yes, we do charge admission at the Play + Learn BUT we also offer tons of specials, discounts and even free opportunities to visit us at no cost to you! Here's a break down on how to save.

watch for a pop up free day

If you are subscribed to our emails, follow us on instagram or Facebook then you already we know we offer plenty of free opportunities to visit us. You just have to watch for them. The best way to make sure you don't miss one of these opportunities is to subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media.

watch for a pop up deal

Same idea as above. We offer huge savings for pop up deals. Usually these deals are exclusive to our email subscribers. As if you needed another reason to subscribe!

split a membership with a friend

You don't have to be a family or live in the same household to get a membership together. No sir! Tons of members share a membership with a friend. It greatly reduces the cost and provides you with unlimited visits. A membership provides unlimited visits for 5, 6 or 7 guests. We offer 1, 6 and 12 month options. Say you get a one year membership with your bestie and split it down the middle. You could come as many times as you like for an entire year for under 14 bucks a month! Cheaper than Netflix and will get WAY more wiggles out.

share play passes with a friend

Following the same idea above, you could share play passes with a friend. Play passes do NOT expire and there are NO black out dates. Play passes can reduce your daily admission from $15 per day to $8 per day!

attend a "Wicked Good Playdate" courtesy of CAPE COD MOMS

We were honored to team up with CAPE COD MOMS to offer a FREE playdate as part of their Wicked Good Playdate series. Their first Cape Cod playdate is scheduled for January, 27th with us and is totally FREE!


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