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A Guide to Hosting A Child's Birthday Party for Under $500

Let's face it birthday party celebrations can get expensive quickly. But there are things you can do without (depending on your budget and needs). Alissa has broken down some options. As a mother of three she says there are times to splurge and there are times to save and staying within your family budget is always most important. This is the reason we designed party options at the Play + Learn to be offered a la carte. So you can add on as little or as much as you need and want!

First, let's talk about some things to consider when determining your budget. How old is your child? How many children do you have? How many children will you invite? What are their interests? What are your priorities or the things that are most important to you about the party? Do you have any of your own talents or friends with talents you can call on to help (make a cake, help with goodie bags, decorate, etc). Now let's discuss two options that are under $500!

Play Option | Starting at $130

Invite your guests for play. There's nothing basic about this option and children will have a blast! Trust us, we have hosted several this way and everyone walked away smiling (actually a few even crying because they didn't want to leave but we consider that as a successful party).

The cost for this option is $6.50 per guest. There is a 20 guest minimum. You still get private access to the play space after the public play hours. You are only charge for the guests who arrive for play, not the amount you invite. In our experience if you invite 40, 30 will actually come the day of the event (children get sick, etc).

Bonus Saving Tip: Since you are paying per guest, when you send the invite, say something like "Johnny + One Adult". This is a polite way of saying one adult instead of the whole family.

Play + Party Room | Starting at $480

Ok so serving your guests cake is a must and not negotiable so you need the space to serve that. Add on the Party Room for $350.

Bonus Saving Tip: Make. your own cake or ask a friend for help. Or skip the traditional cake entirely and do something like donuts!

Have questions about using our location for a party or private rental? Click here!


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